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3 Tools Every Franchisee Should Be Using

Sep 10, 2015

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Owning a food franchise is extremely different today than of what it was twenty years ago. There are numerous tools available today to help make your job easier and more efficient than it was in the past. Listed below are a few things you can utilize to create a wonderful franshise. If you’d like to know how to make money franchising, start using these awesome tools:

1.  Social Media

Social media is an incredible tool for franchisees. Now, customers can talk to business managers with using just a few short sentences and a hashtag. Even celebrities have joined the bandwagon and communicate with fans on a daily basis.

This is a modern tool that only continues to grow as the years go by. Not only is it a great way to reach out to people, but it’s also a great way to get your franchise more recognition, especially from those who may not have heard the business’s name before.

So many people use social media ranging all the way from young children to aging grandparents. If you’d like to get the message out to people throughout the world, post it online. If you’d like to grow a good amount of followers, post online regularly. Take advantage of this useful tool and be a part of the social media party.

2. Local Advertising

While social media can help you contact people from around the world, local advertising can help you contact people who are more likely to come in and buy a pretzel from your franchise. The locals are the most likely people to give business to your franchise so it’s a great idea to reach out to them.

As a food franchise, you should look into placing ads in local newspapers, on highway billboards, and in sponsored events. The more you allow people to see your logo and read your company name, the more likely they’ll stop by and purchase something when they see your franchise.

3. Technology

Technology is all around us. People are carrying cell phones with internet access everywhere they go. Your customers know and enjoy top-of-the-line technology, so give your customers top-of-the-line service. Some food franchises use iPads at the checkouts, offer NFC technology, or provide online ordering.

Take advantage of the technology all around you and give your franchise a modern look that will attract a variety of different customers. Your costumers are guaranteed to be impressed and will appreciate your efforts in keeping up with technology.

If you want your franchise to be among the great food franchises, you should embrace these amazing tools that are available to you. As you do so, you’ll appreciate the easiness of communicating with customers, getting people to notice the company, and helping your business to run more efficiently – and so will your customers.

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