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Don’t Let Your Life Get in a Twist, Open a Pretzelmaker Franchise

Jan 3, 2016

Anyone who is looking to invest in one of the many top food franchises to own might consider Pretzelmaker. This is the popular fresh-baked pretzel store that has been selling these salty treats since 1991 and is ranked in the 2016 Entrepreneur Franchise 500. Today, there are over 300 Pretzelmaker locations up and running around the world. That means that right now chances are someone on the planet is enjoying a delicious pretzel treat from Pretzelmaker! Could this be your next business investment? Consider the reasons why and find out what a Pretzel franchise can do for you:

Reason #1: The Product

As a snack, pretzels have been around since the fifth century. Many folks are used to buying pre-baked pretzels in a bag. Although flavorful, they are more of a consistently crunchy snack that are sometimes a challenge to bite into. On the other hand, the pretzels offered by Pretzelmaker are fresh-baked each hour and also come in a variety of flavors and toppings. Along with those big soft pretzels, we also serve up pretzel bites, pretzel dogs, and stuffed pretzels. It’s a snack menu that holds a lot of appeal for a huge demographic. In other words, there is something for everyone to love at Pretzelmaker!

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Reason #2: The Franchise Support

A prime reason why Pretzelmaker is one of the top food franchises to own is because of the support you’ll get from us at Global Franchise Group. We are the same company behind other popular franchise operations such as Hot Dog on a Stick, Marble Slab Creamery, and Great American Cookies. Obviously, when it comes to creating top food franchises to own, we know what we’re doing.

The support we offer begins with your intensive franchise training. You’ll be walked through the day-by-day operations at the GFG University in Atlanta, Georgia. This two-week course will provide you with the knowledge of how to keep the books, make purchases, and hire staff. Included in the coursework will be valuable training at a fully operational Pretzelmaker. You’ll learn everything from the dough up!

Reason #3: The Fundraising Opportunities

What makes Pretzelmaker one of the top food franchises to own is the community support encouraged by the Global Franchise Group. Giving back is a large part of every Pretzelmaker store. As the owner, you can set up all kinds of fundraising opportunities with church and school groups. Not only will you be helping these organizations raise funds, but you’ll also be spreading the good will of your own store. That’s powerful marketing.

Reason #4: Online Presence

Visit our website which is already up and running. It’s a thriving web presence that your store will be able to tap into, especially because your location will be added to the growing list of Pretzelmaker stores. This is where customers can sign up for a rewards program and find out news about all the exciting menu promotions your store will be a part of. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything!

How Much Does a Pretzelmaker Franchise Cost?

How much does a Pretzelmaker franchise cost? That is certainly a question that should be foremost in your mind as you consider whether to make the investment plunge. Get more information about franchising and the costs associated with it by visiting our website and see how you can become the next franchisee of Pretzelmaker today!



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