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Franchising Goals for the New Year

Feb 12, 2016

Not many folks woke up on New Year’s Day and asked themselves, “Should I open a pretzel shop?” Still, if you’re thinking about fast food court franchises as a way to achieve some of your investment goals, the pretzel path might be a good route.

fast food court franchises

1) Find the Right Franchise Group

Investing in a franchise essentially means you’re investing in an established brand. There simply wouldn’t be a franchising opportunity if that fast food court franchise weren’t backed by a proven business model.

Pretzelmaker has been selling delicious fresh-baked soft pretzels since 1991. That translates into a lot of pretzels and a lot of satisfied customers. Are you ready to get in on that action?

The Global Franchise Group supports each Pretzelmaker franchise. This is the same team behind Marble Slab Creamery, Hot Dog on a Stick, and Great American Cookies. Obviously, they know their way around a fast food court franchise!

2) Find a Proven Brand

Currently, there are around 360 Pretzelmaker stores up and running around the world. You can find them in malls, airport terminals, and movie theaters.

When you invest in your own Pretzelmaker, you’ll be able to benefit from all that experience and know-how. That’s the kind of franchise boost you won’t be able to get with a brand new food concept.

3) Get the Know-How

As you might imagine, Global Franchise Group is going to provide you with all the tools and information you need to get your business up and running. That starts with an intensive training course held at the GFG University in Atlanta.

You’ll get hands-on experience working in a real Pretzelmaker store. You’ll also be shown all the basics of maintaining your day-to-day operation. You could go into this training with zero knowledge about fast food court franchises and come out an expert!

4) Find the Perfect Location for Your Shop

Once the training is complete, you’ll work with representatives from Global Franchise Group to find your ideal location. This could be an outlet close to your home or an opportunity to invest in a location further away.

No matter where your final Pretzelmaker destination takes you, you’ll be given guidance with the rental agreement for the space.

5) Get Your Space Set Up

After the lease has been signed, Global Franchise Group can present you with a list of contractors who can handle the job of building out your space. Remember, they’ve helped do this for 200+ stores. This is experience you can count on.

It may only take 90 days from the time you sign your rental agreement to the day you’re selling your first pretzel! That’s not long to wait to make your franchising goals become a reality.

6) Utilize Ongoing Marketing Support

You can log onto the Pretzelmaker website and get all kinds of information about the business and upcoming promotions. There is also a story locator that any visitor can use to track down your Pretzelmaker operation.

Finally, you’ll benefit from a web presence without any effort on your part. It’s up and running. All that is missing is your store location!

Ready to Talk?

If you’re ready to take these Pretzelmaker discussions to the next level, then call the Global Franchise Group today at 877-639-2361. You can’t become your own boss unless you take action!



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