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Holiday Fun for PretzelMaker Franchisees

Nov 14, 2014

The holidays are a great time for Pretzelmaker franchisees to mix up the routine and infuse a little fun into store operations and marketing. Beginning with Thanksgiving, franchisees can establish Pretzelmaker’s offerings as perfect little tasty treats for holiday festivities. Franchisees can also liven up the store with uplifting decorations to spread the holiday cheer. Additionally, franchisees can take part in community efforts to help those in need that will benefit the local area while solidifying Pretzelmaker’s name as a valued part of the neighborhood.

holiday party
Pretzelmaker and Parties

Pretzel Bites, mini pretzel dogs, and pretzel rolls are snacks that few can resist. Marketing these items as the perfect grab-and-go bring-along to holiday potlucks may help franchisees appeal to a whole new group of customers. Even those that do not frequent Pretzelmaker may decide to pick up a few snacks for family gatherings or office parties.

Holiday Marketing

Marketing efforts are critical around the holiday season. Customers tend to have less time, but often feel pressured to make food at home for parties. Simply seeing a mention of how Pretzelmaker can make the holidays easier on a social media post may help customers to think of Pretzelmaker when preparing for parties. Holiday-themed advertisements may also go a long way towards catching the attention of both new and returning customers.

Decorate for the Holidays

Even a little holiday decorating can go a long way towards making a store stand out in customers’ minds as a place with character. Having store employees help with decorations can also give employees a feeling of ownership and connection with the store, as well as a sense of pride when the decorations receive compliments. Employees often have fun putting decorations up, so decorating can help good employees to enjoy the job that much more.

Holiday Drives and Community Involvement

The holidays should be a fun time for everyone, but those who are less fortunate may need a helping hand bringing the holiday together for their loved ones. Pretzelmaker franchisees can serve their community by hosting toy or canned food drives, donating food to local food banks, or volunteering to help with community efforts throughout the season. Any help that is given is sure to be appreciated by those on the receiving end. Donating and volunteering can also help to strengthen the community as a whole, which may in turn help a Pretzelmaker store to survive and thrive for years to come.


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