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Why Should You Open a Pretzel Franchise?

Oct 2, 2014

The pretzel industry is heating up, and no one does pretzels like Pretzelmaker. The last ten years have been a period of swift expansion for pretzel companies with stores popping up in malls and shopping plazas all over the country. Based on industry trends, this fast growth is expected to continue for several more years in the United States. The pretzel industry is also just getting started overseas, and Pretzelmaker is happy to help franchisees capitalize on these untapped markets.

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Trusted Name in Pretzels

Pretzelmaker was one of the first pretzel franchises in the country. Since 1991, customers have heard the name Pretzelmaker associated with our high quality products. This seniority in the industry gives Pretzelmaker an advantage over the competition. Pretzelmaker has also worked to establish the franchise as a leader in the industry by inventing products that have become sensations. Pretzelmaker takes pride in being the company that introduced the world to the Pretzel Dog, Mini Pretzel Dogs, Pretzel Bites, and Flavored Pretzel Bites.

Trusted Support

Pretzelmaker makes becoming a franchise store owner or multi-unit franchisee a process you can understand. A proven business model and assistance in every facet of operations is provided to franchisees. This gives franchisees a leg-up on lesser known pretzel stores in the area. Hard working franchisees do not need to have extensive experience running a pretzel store or even a food franchise; Pretzelmaker will help franchisees gain the knowledge that is required to join the industry.

National Pretzel Day

April 26th is National Pretzel Day, a day that Pretzelmaker owns exclusively. Pretzelmaker is a proud supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), and funds raised on National Pretzel Day go to supporting these causes. Customers that visit any Pretzelmaker store on National Pretzel Day will be given a free pretzel. Franchisees directly benefit from the publicity of the event and are automatically associated with the humanitarian efforts put forth.

Company Promotions and Advertising

In addition to National Pretzel Day, franchisees will benefit from the exciting promotions and innovations that are run throughout the Pretzelmaker company. Franchisees do not have to spend money testing new products and promotions and then researching returns. Franchisees receive information and training on products that have already been developed and tested. This puts franchisees in a desirable position to more easily plan for optimal operation and reap returns.

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Global Franchise Group is Amazing because the best thing about them is that's all they do is Quick Service Restaurants. They've got a specialty area of focus and they know everything about that.

Allen Fuss

I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It's a very simple business model. A very simple business.

Rajat Ghosh

There's nothing I can't call them on. Anything from a simple plumbing problem to negotiating an exclusive on my lease. There's always somebody there who's been through it and can help you with it

Allen Fuss
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