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Soft, gourmet pretzels are rising rapidly in popularity as an on-the-go snack food and even as a light meal option, and Pretzelmaker has been a huge name in the pretzel franchising space for the last quarter century. Franchisees gain all the distinct advantages of a GFG (Global Franchise Group) franchise, with their comprehensive initial training and ongoing support for every aspect of being the boss of your very own Pretzelmaker location.

But where is a great location for a Pretzelmaker store? Lansing, Michigan is one highly attractive answer to that question — and here’s why:

1. Lansing Is the “Center” of the State

Although not strictly at the center point of the state geographically, Lansing was chosen as the state capital in 1847 because it strikes a balance between the geographic and population centers of Michigan. And it is now a center of not only state-level government institutions, but also of education, the arts, industry, and commerce. In fact, locals often refer to the Lansing metropolitan area by the name “Mid-Michigan.”

This centrality means your store would be in a city of 115,000 within a metro zone of about a half million and with numerous major highways connecting you to the other major cities of the state. Those traveling through Michigan, either east-west or north-south, typically pass through or very near to Lansing.

And centrality means you have a large potential customer base, formed both by locals and visitors, always there as a means of growing your business.

2. A Promising and Solid Local Economy

Despite the past struggles of the auto industry and the economy in general in Michigan, Lansing has held onto a good, strong foundation, and there is great hope and potential for future growth.

Nearly a third of the city is employed by either a state, federal, or local government entity. This stems largely from the city’s status as the state capital and always gives it an extra boost up even in hard times. GM and the auto industry still have a strong presence in Lansing as well, and MSU, Lansing Community College, local law schools, hospitals, and abundant transportation-related employers shore up much of the rest of the work force.

All in all, Lansing’s economy is a “healthy environment” for new franchise start-ups. By locating your Pretzelmaker unit wisely within the city, in areas with high foot traffic as well as auto traffic, you can expect to grow rapidly during the best of times and still weather the storm even in the worst of times.

3. Lansing Is a Youthful and “On-the-Go” City

Finally, note that 2/3 of Lansing residents are under the age of 45, around 1/3 under 25, and 1/4 under 18. As younger people are often more likely to eat quick, on-the-go snacks like pretzels and to be in on trendy food items such as Pretzelmaker serves, this is a plus.

And the many museums and tourists attractions in Lansing add yet another element of on-the-go eaters likely to crave a pretzel.

As you can see, an opportunity to open a Pretzelmaker franchise in Lansing is a great one and it won’t last long. To find out how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity, contact us today!


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