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Chicago, IL

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Pretzelmaker is pleased to announce that franchisees have the opportunity to open a store in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois! The Windy City is an ideal location for new franchise owners because it has an incredible quality of life. Chicago’s quality of life is fantastic because it has an extremely affordable cost of living, an endless stream of recreational options, and fantastic opportunities for business. Below are a few of the advantages to opening a pretzel franchise in Chicago.




Tourists make an ideal market for pretzel franchise. As tourists are exploring Chicago and visiting its amazing sites, tourists will stop and grab a bite to eat. By positioning your franchise close to tourist attractions, you can be the one to feed these hungry tourists. Below are a few of the tourist attractions in Chicago that would make excellent locations for you to open or advertise your pretzel franchise.

  • 360 Chicago
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Navy Pier
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Skydeck Chicago


Economic Environment

In addition to tourism, Chicago has a stable and thriving economy, the exact economy where small business owners want to open their franchise. Chicago’s economy is based on finance, commerce, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Due to the diversity of these industries, Chicago has the most balanced economy in the country, according to World Business Chicago, making it an ideal location for any small business.

Chicago also has the busiest airport in the world, the O’Hare International Airport. By opening a pretzel franchise in the O’Hare International Airport, you can have a reliable customer base in the travelers who need a bite to eat in between flights.

Population and Growth Rate

Due to its thriving economy, Chicago has a large population, making Chicago the ideal location for any franchise looking to grow and expand. 2,718,782 people call Chicago home and Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States. In addition, the population of Chicago is steadily expanding. Since 2010, Chicago’s population has increased by .9%. Innovative entrepreneurs can plan for future growth and expand their franchise accordingly.

Chicago, IL is the ideal location for new franchises because it has a thriving tourism industry, excellent economy, and steady population growth. With all of these advantages, who wouldn’t want to open a Pretzelmaker in Chicago?

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