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Rochester, NY

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Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Pretzelmaker is excited to announce the latest franchise opportunity in Rochester, New York! Are you tired of being twisted up in your job? Do you long to twist something else, like gourmet soft pretzels? Check out just some of the many reasons why Rochester and Pretzelmaker go together like a warm pretzel and salt.

College Town

There are over twenty institutions of higher education within the city limits of Rochester, so make no mistake that this is a college town. With a total population of 210,967 and over 11,000 students at the University of Rochester alone, it’s obvious that a large proportion of the population is students.

A student population is good news for a business because it creates an ever-changing customer base, or in other words, more potential customers year after year. Pretzelmaker is a good fit for students as well because it’s inexpensive and delicious. Students love being able to have a treat before a movie date or a quick snack between classes and Pretzelmaker provides just that.



City Development

Rochester has been working to improve the city for the last few years with several projects. One such project in the works is the Promenade at Eerie Harbor, in the Eerie Harbor Park. This public promenade is going to connect different neighborhoods in Rochester and make access to the gorgeous waterfront easier to the public.

Another improvement Rochester is in the process of making is updating the Rochester Public Market. This project has several goals, including preserving the market’s history and character while renovating the amenities and improving the experience for customers and vendors alike. These kinds of developments are happening all over the city of Rochester, making it a continually better place to live.

Opportunities for Growth

As Rochester’s economy and infrastructure continue to improve, there will be opportunities for you to grow your business. Pretzelmaker’s business model accommodates owners of multiple units just as well as it does single-unit owners, so you will always have the highest level of corporate support regardless of how many franchises you own.

Indeed, some franchisees choose to open two or three locations all at once in order to maximize their investments. Other owners open one store at a time, getting used to each location individually. Whatever you choose, Pretzelmaker’s corporate system will help you along the way with ongoing training and development.

The time to invest is now! Rochester’s cost of living and doing business is significantly lower than the New York state average, making it a great place to open a business. This well-kept secret is sure to get out soon, so act fast! Click this link to find out how to get started right away on opening up your own Pretzelmaker franchise.


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