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in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

Invest in a Fresh Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Pretzelmaker is thrilled to announce the opportunity to open our pretzel franchise in snowy Salt Lake City, UT! As 8th on Forbes’s list of “Best Cities for Businesses and Careers,” Salt Lake City presents a unique and exhilarating opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a new business venture.

Why exactly should you move to Salt Lake City and open your Pretzelmaker franchise?

Population and Growth Rate

Salt Lake City’s population is steadily growing, which provides an expanding market for your pretzel franchise to pull from. Since 2010, Salt Lake City has grown by 2.5%, resulting in a current population of 191,180 people. With such a large population, you can always count on customers coming into your Pretzelmaker franchise.

Superb Sports

Sports are a fundamental part of life in Salt Lake City, which means there are plenty of sports fans for your franchise to attract. Sports fans are great customers for pretzel franchises because they love to grab a treat to eat while watching the game.

If you’re a sports fan yourself, then feeding other fans is the perfect job for you. Whether you’re a baseball, basketball, or hockey fan, Salt Lake City has a team for you. Open your pretzel franchise near Smith’s Ballpark to cheer for the Salt Lake Bees, cheer for the Utah Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena, or feed Utah Grizzly fans at the Maverik Center.




In addition to a strong sports fan base, Salt Lake City also has a strong tourism industry. By opening your franchise near one of Salt Lake City’s major attractions you can draw these tourists into your Pretzelmaker. For instance, after a long day of skiing at Snowbird Resort, hungry tourists would love to come in from the cold and warm up with a soft pretzel and warm cheese dip.

Below are a few other sites that draw in tourists from across the country:

  • Hogle Zoo
  • Liberty Park
  • Red Butte Garden
  • Temple Square

Local Events

These attractions aren’t only for the tourists; you can visit them as well and live an exciting life in Salt Lake City. In addition to the exciting attractions above, Salt Lake City holds year-round events for your family to enjoy. During the winter you can take your family to see the Christmas Lights at Temple Square. During the summer you can attend the Urban Arts Festival or the 4th of July Arts Festival.

Salk Lake City has everything you need to open a successful business and live a fulfilling life. There are plenty of customers from the local population, sports fans, and tourists. There are also plenty of local activities for you and your family to attend. With so many advantages, Salt Lake City is just waiting for you to jump onto this incredible opportunity and open a Pretzelmaker franchise today!

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