Selecting a Site for Your
Pretzelmaker Franchise?

Selecting the right location for your Pretzelmaker franchise is one of the most important decisions you
will make. The area that you choose to invest in has a huge impact on your pretzel franchise; the
population, surrounding stores, and even traffic patterns can influence your franchise.

As an investor, it is important to get to know four things as you select a site for your Pretzelmaker franchise:

  • The customers who will be buying your products
  • The different site types that the Global Franchise Group approves
  • The expenses that will make up your investment
  • The services that the Global Franchise Group real estate team offers our franchisees

This ebook includes detailed information about what it takes to decide where you want to locate your pretzel franchise, including:

  • Knowing your customer demographics
  • Understanding shopping and buying patterns in the area
  • Comparing the location options
  • Understanding the difference between traditional and non-traditional Pretzelmaker stores
  • Learning the difference between capital improvements, repair expenses, and common area maintenance
  • Calling on the Global Franchise Group real estate team when you need assistance or advice

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