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Site Requirements

Size Requirements

  • 200-850 square feet

Location Requirements

  • Traffic: 60,000+
  • Signage: Prefer one sign plus pylon
  • Seating: Not Required

Non-Traditional Requirements

These locations vary greatly with each opportunity. Please inquiry for more details.

Preferred Locations

  • Malls
  • Urban Storefronts
  • Shopping Centers (end-caps & pads)
  • Lifestyle Centers
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Mixed Use Projects (retail, residential, office)
  • University Adjacent
  • Airports
  • Military Bases
  • Within Large Volume Grocery Stores
  • Theaters
  • Community Centers

Trade Area

  • Residential 60,000+ within a 10-Mile Radius
  • Median Household Income $40,000+

Preferred Co-Tenants

  • Minimum of Two Anchor Stores
  • Movie Theaters
  • Near or around Children’s Concepts and Food Courts
  • Areas of High Foot Traffic
  • Areas with Large Targeted Audience (Stadiums, Malls, Boardwalks, Airports, College Campuses, Beaches)

Utility Requirements

  • HVAC: 1 Ton+
  • Gas: 2-inch line must be available to the premises, 1,000,000 BTU gas line sized per local code
  • Electrical: 225 amps service available to premises, 120/208V 3-phase/4-wire electrical service (with panels)
  • Water & Sewer: 1 inch water (min 45 gal/sec at 60psi) and 4-inch sewer to premises
  • NFPA, UL and local code approved fire protection system
  • 4-inch grease sewer line to communal trap (per code)


  • Investment Range: $205,200 – $327,000
  • Royalty: 7%
  • Marketing Fee: 1.5%
  • Franchise fee: $25,000

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Success Stories

Global Franchise Group is Amazing because the best thing about them is that's all they do is Quick Service Restaurants. They've got a specialty area of focus and they know everything about that.

Allen Fuss

I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It's a very simple business model. A very simple business.

Rajat Ghosh

There's nothing I can't call them on. Anything from a simple plumbing problem to negotiating an exclusive on my lease. There's always somebody there who's been through it and can help you with it

Allen Fuss
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