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What Are the Costs Associated with Opening a Pretzelmaker Franchise?

As with any new business, our pretzel franchise cost will vary depending on the specifics of your location. However, we’ve been in the business long enough to know what it takes to get a great franchise

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What Does it Take to Open a Pretzel Franchise with Pretzelmaker?

It’s a great time to open a pretzel franchise. People love our product, and our restaurants are flexible enough to open just about anywhere from college campuses to theme parks. Best of all, you don’t

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How You Could Be More Qualified to Start a Pretzel Business Than You Think

It could be time to take a step away from filling out countless entry-level applications and bring your career beyond what you might have believed it could be. Unlike an ordinary corporate job-listing,

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Some Non-Traditional Options Ideal for a Soft Pretzel Franchise

The appeal of a soft pretzel is not limited to the conventional kiosk at a local shopping mall. There are plenty of busy location concepts that make sense for established franchise opportunities in the

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Why are Pretzel Franchises So Popular?

What kind of investor are you? Are you an investor looking to add to a portfolio of brands with strategic placement of a pretzel store in your shopping mall? Are you a novice investor that wants to escape

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3 Interesting Facts About Pretzelmaker

Although you may know Pretzelmaker as the usual mid-shopping halftime treat, there is so much more about our brand to discover! We have taken the pretzel industry by storm as a top name in our market —

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The 2 Q’s that Make Up a Good Food Franchise: Quick and Quality

Pretzelmaker is an exciting franchise because of the “Two Qs”: Quick and Quality. Customers love that they’re always able to grab a delicious and affordable snack at our pretzel franchises without

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How to Break into the Snack Food Industry with a Pretzelmaker Franchise

Looking for a fun way to start a new career or shake up your investment portfolio? Why not break into the snack food industry with a Pretzelmaker franchise? Not only do we offer a range of products that

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Business-Travelling Millennials Are Choosing QSR

QSR restaurants like the Pretzelmaker franchise have been around for decades. They’ve always been popular among customers who are looking for a quick bite, but a new trend is emerging among business

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