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The 2 Q’s that Make Up a Good Food Franchise: Quick and Quality

Pretzelmaker is an exciting franchise because of the “Two Qs”: Quick and Quality. Customers love that they’re always able to grab a delicious and affordable snack at our pretzel franchises without

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How to Break into the Snack Food Industry with a Pretzelmaker Franchise

Looking for a fun way to start a new career or shake up your investment portfolio? Why not break into the snack food industry with a Pretzelmaker franchise? Not only do we offer a range of products that

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Business-Travelling Millennials Are Choosing QSR

QSR restaurants like the Pretzelmaker franchise have been around for decades. They’ve always been popular among customers who are looking for a quick bite, but a new trend is emerging among business

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Why Pretzels Are Perfect for a Mall Kiosk Franchise

There is something about the tantalizing scents of a pretzel kiosk that reel mall-goers into grabbing a quick bite. Before you know it, you’re at the front of the line ordering a salty treat and a

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Join the Most Popular Franchise Sector with a Pretzel Franchise

One of the major benefits that comes with a pretzel franchise opportunity is being classified under the quick-service restaurant (QSR) family. Having the ability to provide a service to consumers at

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Involved in the Fast Food Industry

Fast food franchise opportunities have been abundant for decades, but they have greatly diversified in recent years. Many entrepreneurs still think of fast food franchises as burger or chicken restaurants

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When it Comes to Setting Up Your Pretzelmaker Location, the Sky’s (Almost) the Limit!

One of the truly unique aspects of a Pretzelmaker franchise opportunity is that there are any number of ways owners can set up shop. While traditional Pretzelmaker stores are located in malls and shopping

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What Is the Pretzelmaker Fresh Twist Concept?

We’ve always been known for our delicious and innovative pretzel concepts, but last year we created a fresh new twist to the pretzel and snack game. Fresh Twist by Pretzelmaker has taken the classic,

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Start Your Journey Toward a Soft Pretzel Business

People love soft pretzels for all kinds of reasons. They’re fun to eat, tasty and, unlike a lot of other snacks, fit into healthy lifestyles. For these reasons and more, the pretzel market is strong

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