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Three Ways a Pretzelmaker Franchise Supports You

Plain and simple, there are just certain aspects of running a franchise you cannot experience anywhere else. The timeline for a new business owner can be far less daunting than going into that same situation without guidance. Through the entirety of your evolution as a franchisee, which makes starting a business a structured process with Pretzelmaker is the franchise training and support. A Pretzelmaker franchise investment comes in tandem with our ability to provide constant support and help you with your new business.

Pretzelmaker 101

Some of the most challenging aspects of opening a new business are not only creating a product that will interest the consumer, but having knowledge about the specific market. Part of our Pretzelmaker franchise training and support is receiving a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in the initial stages. Before fully committing to your franchise, you will be able to evaluate the Financial Performance Representation. That document will give detailed information about the financials surrounding our other units and what their investment has brought them for return. Make sure to review the details on how your unit may perform, and evaluate how those numbers impact the outlook of your Pretzelmaker franchise.

Once you’ve assessed this document, signed it, and your application is approved, you will begin the due diligence process. We provide you with a chance to create a constructive dialogue with our marketing, operation, and real-estate team, for the purpose of educating you on how we will further assist you in each department. We include this in our franchise training and support because it will help you learn about what to expect when opening your store. Your relationships with our team will be beneficial for your Pretzelmaker franchise and give you confidence knowing that our support will continue past the initial start-up process.

Move-in Day

Starting your business in a manner so you can easily land on your feet is a top priority in the process. Initially, we’ve realized that finding the best location can be tough for business owners. To get your store operation open as quickly as possible, we will consider factors with you to identify the ideal territory for your Pretzelmaker franchise. Our support will also include assisting with plans with landlords and counseling on the construction and build-out process of your Pretzelmaker franchise. You will also receive on-site assistance within your first couple weeks for grand-opening support. Once your location is completed and ready for opening, you will have the help of a franchise business consultant to help you advance the growth of your business. Your close relationship with our corporate team and group of advisors are among the favorite benefits of many of our franchisees.

Bringing In Your Business

In the ideal business situation, as soon as you open up your new location, every possible consumer in the area would become instantly aware you’ve opened doors. According to Forbes, ‘The hardest part of growing any business is getting people to know that you exist…People have not been using your whatever it is, and you want them to change.’ We know it isn’t that easy, but Pretzelmaker is here to help.

It’s crucial to our team that you get the information that you need to reach your target audience. Our franchise training and support will help our franchisees by providing resources our owners can utilize in developing your strategies. With our help advising your location’s marketing strategies, your pretzels are not the only aspect of your business that is top-notch. We have been able to provide the pretzel products our customers have loved since 1991. Pretzelmaker has an extensive history of differentiating our brand from the rest through these unique marketing strategies we implement.

Do our franchise training and support methods check off all your boxes? Contact us today, and we will begin your process to go over if you could be a good fit for a Pretzelmaker franchise.