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How Much Are Pretzelmaker’s Ownership Fees?

One thing to consider when you are getting ready to own a Pretzelmaker franchise is the franchise fees.

The Pretzelmaker franchise ownership fee is 7% of net sales and a 1.5% Marketing Fee for the life of the business. The fee is a necessary part of owning a franchise, and it pays off! The fee is what gains you access to resources from Pretzelmaker and GFG, including:

    • New marketing materials and strategies
    • Updates to technology and products
    • Support from corporate teams and other franchise owners
    • Group purchasing discounts
    • Access to preferred vendors
    • Brand recognition

Are You a Good Candidate for Franchise Ownership?

Do you have what it takes to own a Pretzelmaker franchise?

There is not one set of skills that makes a good Pretzelmaker franchise owner. The beauty of our business is its diversity, and our franchisees exemplify that better than anything else.

We do not require prior restaurant or business ownership experience for you to own one of our low-investment franchises. Much more important is your ability to work hard and work smart.

Additional qualities we look for include:

    • Commitment to your business and your community
    • Friendly attitude
    • Outgoing personality
    • Confidence
    • Passion for hard work
    • Financial stability
    • A minimum net worth of $250,000, with a minimum of $100,000 in liquid assets

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I love this business. One of the reasons my wife and I chose this business is because of the simplicity of the product. It’s a very simple business model. A very simple business.

Rajat Ghosh

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How Much Does it Cost to Open a Pretzelmaker Franchise?